Love You Inside Out

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# Season Episode / Theme Slot Contestant Approval Rating σ Result
38118 Final 4
London LaToyaLaToya London
13 7Eliminated
39210 Final 4
Bee Gees
Doolittle MelindaMelinda Doolittle
19 2Safe

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Coming at the tail end of the Bee Gees' post-Saturday Night Fever run as kings of the pop music world, the disco ballad "Love You Inside Out" was their sixth #1 hit in a row and their eighth overall.  It also turned out to be their last.  The song has a bleak but noteworthy history on American Idol :  it provided the only below-average rated performance for both LaToya London (who was eliminated the next night) and Melinda Doolittle.

What We Thought

The Bee Gees have graced the world with many excellent, well-crafted pop songs in their Hall Of Fame career, but this isn't one of them.  Other than the catchy title line in the chorus, we find it utterly forgettable, even after three decades of occasional listens.  Given that the two highest-rated singers in American Idol history barely got to 3-stars with it, we think it's fair to say that any future contestant who chooses "LYII" should be whisked off the stage immediately by mental health professionals. copyright © 2007-2023, The WNTS Team.  All rights reserved.  Use of this website implies that you accept our Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy.  American Idol is a registered trademark of 19 TV Ltd.  We are not affiliated in any way with American Idol, Fox Television, FremantleMedia North America, or any of their parent or subsidiary companies.