Favorite Links

We'd love to claim that we're the best American Idol research and analysis site on the web, but the competition for that honor is stiff. Here's a list of sites that we enjoy and recommend. If you'd like to propose a "link exchange" with your Idol site, drop us a line at .

Essential Reference Sites...

You know about these already, we hope.

Idol Forums...

  • ...Brian Mansfield took over from the incomparable Ken Barnes in 2009, but USA Today's AI blog and fan forum is still a must-read.
  • ...One of the better Idol forums on the Web, featuring a trio of beat writers who produce some of the finest, most in-depth, and side-splittingly funniest analysis each week.
  • ...Its reputation for the most intelligent, insightful, merciless, and hilarious commentary on the Web is well deserved.


  • ...Our longtime colleague Leo of FansOfRealityTV.com has his own digs now with an archive of all his analyses. No Idol week is complete until TIG checks in.
  • ...Is it a blog or a forum? It's one of the most popular on the web regardless, and worth a daily visit for MJ's well-collected news items, videos, spoilers, announcements, and plenty of fan commentary.
  • ...Ken Barnes's new web hangout, where you'll find his thoughts on American Idol as well as The Voice, Glee, The Sing-Off and every other intersection of Music and Television (plus, during AI season, two cents' worth of song choice commentary from WNTS's own Senior Editor Nick.) Don't forget to check out Ken's annual USA Today feature, "Idol Meter", as well!
  • ..."A minivan-driving mom of three muses on American Idol"...and she always does an interesting job of it too.
  • ..."Idol thoughts and other rants and raves." Good commentary.
  • ..."One afternoon of talk TV should be enough to convince you that we're very near the end of time. We might as well enjoy the ride." A new live Idol blog.
  • ..."The Smart Idol Recap Blog," and it lives up to its billing. Intelligent commentary, but the best part are the clever photos, graphics and PhotoChops throughout.
  • ...A longstanding favorite, lots of news and photos plus the world's finest smiley-face rating system. We appreciate that sort of stuff.
  • ...A new blog, which also features a Power Ranking formula for the contestants.

Online Communities and Other Sites...

  • Backyard Radio Logo ...A wonderful weekly Internet radio talk show broadcast Sunday nights at 11pm ET on UStream and hosted by the legendary trio of Bryant, Michelle, and Margo. During Idol season, the WNTS.com crew are occasional guests on BYR to discuss the most recent episodes, results, and general goings-on. (Check our home page or theirs regularly for our next visit.)
  • ...Features some of the most comprehensive Idol media coverage on the web with news, photos, recaps, listings, merchandise, and plenty more.
  • ...A large Idol fan community; always plenty of action here.
  • ...A new site, featuring news, recaps, and commentary about Idol
  • ...Information and tickets for the annual American Idol summer tours, plus concert dates for many former AI contestants.
  • ...A clearinghouse of AI websites, forums, blogs, forums, newsfeeds, and advanced database/statistical analysis sites (that'd be us).
  • ..."Just the facts, ma'am": Simple, comprehensive links to AI headlines from around the Idolsphere, updated daily. Very useful.
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